Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet "Blaue Blooded Türen"
RSPT027 CD $10.99

Stare too long at Moog-master candymaker Hans Grüsel (his moustache a pair of clockhands!) and your seconds could be up. Return a smile from Gretel, you'll end up in a grin that never fades! Safer to listen from here as the Kränkenkabinet chugs away, spawning a trap door here, slamming a finger there, daring consciousness to believe the clarity of a thousand simultaneous sound crevices. Here appears an unnatural "Blue Blooded Door" to the infernal heart of the contraption, handcarved with all new compositions including “Sturm and Drang [at sea]" plus Grüsel’s live accompaniment to Dallas Bower’s film Alice in Wonderland. Artwork by Loachfillet in his hall of all wood mirrors!


Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet Also Appears On...



Midmight "Cut Cut Cut Bruise"
RSPT049 CDr $9.99     MP3 $4

All children confide silently to themselves that dark gentle insanity of a newly fleshed mind, hearing through clean guts and jellied bones for which ears are just the lids. To hear Midmight is to listen again from that cavern, ready to erupt in laughter or tears before a world towering just outside your skin.

“Gurgling sine noise with tons of well chosen and very wide-ranging tape sounds. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how great it is for something so unknown.” —Weirdo Records

Field recordings are cunningly orchestrated with instruments as complex as the Jomox Resonator Neuronium and as rudimentary as a homemade hockey stick bass. Weaving in and out are fragments from a 50-year-old reel-to-reel tape, originally a “letter” for relatives back in County Clare, and long-ago experiments with a shoebox-size cassette recorder.

Hockey rinks, printing presses, player pianos, steel plants, Irish revolutionary songs, and roller coasters are a few of the source materials in Cut Cut Cut Bruise, a spellbinding, beautiful and brutal gem.

The download includes a bonus album: Midmight's "Almost Clear" released in 2005 on Resipiscent.



Liz Allbee/Hans Grüsel "Strategies For Failure/Zuckerkrieg"
RSPT044 LP+MP3 $14.99     MP3 $6

Shut in for years exploring the material capacities of complex handmade instruments, could an artist emerge to compose unlabored, wide-open, epic and instinctive music? Two such genius-naifs, Liz Allbee and Hans Grüsel, deliver back-to-back marvels on this split release. Impossible instruments blow the lines off your conceptual map. Wonder at how the sounds were crafted, lean in to listen then list further, plunging to the immeasurable depths they open inside you.

Liz Allbee’s “Strategies For Failure And Relief From Persistent Positive Symptoms” summons bells, conch, voice, extended trumpet, sine waves and electronics that include home-made fingertip mics and motor players tripping beneath dilated, unblinking lyrics.

Hans Grüsel’s “Zuckerkrieg (Part I)” steers electrons through a skein of patch cord in and around concreted pianos, horns, winds, violins and found objects, bending them into a composition that weighs a single stuttering heartbeat before it swells, bursts, and inundates the full range of human hearing.

Limited to 250 copies, the album was brought to Xopher Davidson for premastering and Paul Gold for vinyl mastering. It comes packaged in a frame-able poster and a digital download is included.

V/A "Serge Modular Users 2009"
RSPT032 CD $10.99

Nothing rattles windows or sinks stomachs like analogue synth. Here, fourteen fanatics of the Serge Modular system contribute their best tracks: Benge joyrides in a 1972 Serge, Hans Grusel “quarantines” time in his labyrinth of Serge circuits, Carlos Giffoni paints a diorama of one unfortunate Winter in the Caribbean, Jan-Hinnerk Helm perfects eight seconds of human voice, and John DuVal (his “Fist of God” Serge among the largest ever built) sounds a plangent “distress call” from 40's sci-fi hell, plus nine more artists pitching volt heat!

V/A "Mutual Hallunications Vol. 1"
RSPT013 CDr $10

East-West Bicameral Hypnagogy with Anti-Ear, Carlos Giffoni, Hans Grusel, J Graf, Liz Allbee, M.V. Carbon, and SIXES. This is volume one in what will be a series of induced collaborations. These are improv duos among seven musicians from east and west coasts. Track one is a full circle of exquisite-corpse style duos, each artist playing two minutes beginning with one musician but finishing with another. Eat this disc.

V/A "String of Artifacts"
RSPT007 Double CD $16.99

Yep, this is the compilation you heard about. Solve the enclosed crossword with your ears or find the cheat sheet hidden inside; your clues include: Sun City Girls, Caroliner, Nautical Almanac, Metalux, Wolf Eyes, Mono Pause, Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet, Tarantism, Tom Recchion, Fat Worm of Error, Sixes, Bran(...)Pos, Masonic Youth, Pod Blotz, Smegma, Panicsville, too many more.