skozey fetisch "evidence"
RSPT047 Cassette $13.31

A far shimmer on the horizon might be only vapor or it could be the inexorable approach of a tsunami, evidence of a timewave cannonball landed perfectly by the master of analogue, skozey fetisch, come mercifully to take you out.

Super limited edition, high-bias chromium dioxide cassette tape with xerography on silver card-stock covers in hand screened canvas bags also containing; 2 skozey fetisch: evidence pin-backs/buttons, zip bag of evidentiary found "skozeys" collected over 25 years in San Francisco. Only 72 cassette packages available!

skozey fetisch "this, then"
RSPT024 CDr $0

-->SOLD OUT<-- Under the green-eyed gaze of two black cats, skozey fetisch executed this crazed composition in the haunted basement of a century-old mansion. Reel-to-reels of acoustic experiments and years of patch programming on the Roland Jupiter 6 were processed, then de- and re-constructed according to silent banter between the cats and pockets of chill shifting suddenly through the room. Strap on the required headphones and prepare to materialize yourself in that cellar, frozen in feline sight, your mind lapped up one tongue full at a time.