Loachfillet "Electric Pond: Solar Solution"
RSPT033 CD $10.99

Loachfillet dwells on the lakebed of a lifelong musical vision where analogue synth, beaten bass, tape loops and aging electronics pour forth sound too crushingly deep to escape. From a funneling eddy at the start of track one, down you go, descending his bubble column to a booming bass guitar wreck shimmering with algae. You plunge deeper still, down ten expansive tracks to the finale, titled Hell, with waves so heavy they'd buckle prettier heads; but, you’re here to stay, lungs full at last.

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V/A "String of Artifacts"
RSPT007 Double CD $16.99

Yep, this is the compilation you heard about. Solve the enclosed crossword with your ears or find the cheat sheet hidden inside; your clues include: Sun City Girls, Caroliner, Nautical Almanac, Metalux, Wolf Eyes, Mono Pause, Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet, Tarantism, Tom Recchion, Fat Worm of Error, Sixes, Bran(...)Pos, Masonic Youth, Pod Blotz, Smegma, Panicsville, too many more.