Jeweled Snakes "s-t"
RSPT048 LP+MP3 $14.99     MP3 $6

Moving too fast, you're seized by sudden fear of what’s just been sung into your mind; but, once bitten the lyrics of Jeweled Snakes drip into your blood, seeding dark compulsions. Synth-straps bind you to a sexstep beat incubating desire, choking out your former self to spawn a stranger, hotter you.

“Satisfying sleaze beats and squelchy science fiction synth, between gloomy and horny, abstract and catchy. Both members sing, sometimes in tandem, usually through heavy effects. […] sounds like Throbbing Gristle rewriting Black Sabbath’s ‘Planet Caravan’” -Lord Gravestench

No guitars, no sequencers, and no laptops. Effects-laden keyboards cross like meteors illuminating duo vocals, male and female incantations, as if Exene and John swallowed Myra Hindley’s german wine. Album download also includes a bonus album, their limited edition cassette release "Flesh Lab" (courtesy of Midori.)

“This is what I, for one, was really wanting Twenty-first century music to sound like. […] The promise and the menace of uncharted times echo in the frightening, powerful sounds of an electro noisescape.” – Jake Hout


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Tarantism "Stuck to the Bottom"
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Stuck upside-under and dragged bashing through you dunno what... a driftnet of dead kids' braces, the pliant ribbing of freshly pulled larynx, the glassy grit of shredded circuits? The range is astounding, Tarantism's widest soundscape to date. Subaudible voices fold into electroacoustics found hiding in pure sines that crash onto krautbeats. High replay, a different listen every time, the whole onslaught arrives in a triple silk-screen work o' art from Austin's Bearded Lady! Stick this one way in.