Oracle Plus "DVD"
RSPT051 DVD $9.99

"Stunning, ingeniously, creatively combined to express concepts/inner life/personal expression profoundly beautiful haunting deep lush scary beyond comprehension otherworldly indescribable mind-blowing artistic execution, perfection. Trippy!!!!!!" -Mom

Psychic sisters, Steph and Miel Lister, take their cult-favorite live art performance from the underground to an after-hours fully-equipped television studio. Iconoclasts of form and concept, Oracle Plus traipse the fence lines of new media, braiding up pop, pagan ritual, synchronized swimming and industrial television.

This is free-form divined and reenacted aesthetics, not your art museum's brand of self-expression but something spookier by a fathom, teasing familiars into view only to dispel, casting them back into sinkholes of tactile video, sound art, costume, sculpture, guided nightmare humor and collective memory.

If video were marble slab, Oracle Plus carve negative space to reveal neolithic paintings and stained voices within. Now, as in millennia past, to consult an oracle is to greet fate, not what transcends the blizzard, but what is hidden within it.