cover image not availableMusic just moves on them, has its way with all seven of them simultaneously and they just let it. It's already out before anyone can do anything, audiences aren't sure how to help. First horns then heavy synth then dangerous headbanging, laughing bravely as they help music do even more things to them. Mercifully, this is a brief seventeen minute pants tingler. It bears witness to 30 years in the loving choke-hold of every genre that ever ogled Brown Whörnet's innocence from 1993's legendary Emena Pestisode to Stroke the Apechild right up to their pandemic premonition Doctor Dickle and now... this. Mangled free jazz, luv-me-baby R&B, parodically straight hardcore, and something that sounds like Yes on a boom box whose batteries are dying are all in their arsenal. -Chicago Reader Not only crazed synths, metal guitar, bass and multi-percussion but trumpet, trombone, sax, and organ because how else could you make the run from Zeuhl to Swamp Rock to Punk to Free Jazz to Noir and Kosmiche Ambient in seventeen minutes? Virtuosity unquestioned, it's really the geyser of ideas, their triple-fold humor and absurd stage antics that set Brown Whörnet apart whether touring as Daniel Johnston's band, endless studio sessions wearing nothing but nitrous tanks, scandalizing the art world by syndicating impostor bands, or the release of their free Bröwnloads series online. Side projects include 0MEGAVIZI0N, Aaartfÿstte (Resipiscent) Alt-cunt & Western favorites Chablis, and live film scores for The Adventures of Prince Achmed and Nosferatu.
Brown Whörnet
The EP not called 'Big Old Cup With Ice In It'
cover image not availableThis is the wizard the land of Oz wished for: boundless, benemalevolent, shrouded in torrents of sound, daring lions to speak and machines to feel. Dimuzio sets your straw brains alight to melt your metal heart while your furry ears crisp and yowl. For the first time, San Francisco legend Thomas Dimuzio presents an all Buchla-synthesizer album. Custom algorithmic crossfades of complex sound synthesis fuel this metabolism of mind and machine. His Buchla 272e module incorporates a polyphonic FM tuner introducing chance-factors snatched from live transmissions, steered via algorithmic mixing through oscillator arrays and envelope generators before spilling into the ears of blood-pumping audiences huddled in the slanting five thousand foot shadow of SF's Sutro Tower. Each track is a site specific improvisation blooming in the dark of underground venues on opposite ends of Haight Street just blocks from where Buchla invented the world's first synthesizer. “Nothing is more beautiful than [Dimuzio's] acoustic heterogeneity, a depth of aural perspective provided by antithetical frequencies, irregular waves and inscrutable halos.” -Massimo RicciThe first thirty pre-orders will include unique and original letterpress art created by Planetary Magnetics Corporation in New Orleans. These one of a kind prints were rendered on a huge letterpress using gorgeous, richly colored and metallic inks on dangerously old blocks arranged sleestak style by master-printer Tyler Harwood. The album cover is a reproduction of a single print from this original series.
Thomas Dimuzio
Sutro Transmissions
Ikue Mori & Christian Rønn
Chordis et Machina
Oracle Plus
Cut Cut Cut Bruise
Jeweled Snakes
skozey fetisch
Le Flange du Mal
Carrion, My Wayward Son
cover image not availableThis release is a 2xLP in gatefold sleeve, download included.Music to make the body feel wild. A saga that began four albums and five comic books ago with a fat stub of flesh burrowing beneath the grass to uncover hex givers, beepers, and severed sisters’ heads, draws to its epic finale deep within The Maze: Once a war sanctuary, then a home, now a biomechanized sarcophagus, and the only way out is up. “The machine stirred, searching for a response. Chairs, table, out of proportion swollen in the dark. The ceiling pressing down. A discontinuous lump of flesh asks, “Who Are You!?” “Nothing. Complete nothings. An empty space surrounded by an empty space.” He was coming closer to the truth. “That’s right!” Though this story is crushing, the resulting shards dance, creak and spill into a psychic underground vast enough for cymbal, cello, tuba, storms, timpani, piano, guitar, foghorn, harmonica, double reeds, trumpet, Sylvester Stallone vocals, and synth that makes Pink Floyd blush. Audiophiles will test their high end gear with this album; laughing teenagers will crank it, flying top speed to the ocean. Zeek Sheck’s sound is singular, unmistakable: sleep talking, skidding drums, 64th note woodwinds at full tilt, cult chorales, resplendent horns, and escape-velocity dance anthems. For such odd music to achieve a maturity is both rare and gorgeous; "Joinus" is spare yet lustrous, by turns mysterious and dangerously riotous. Listeners will scramble to hear the early records all over again.
Zeek Sheck
Liz Allbee/Hans Grüsel
Strategies For Failure/Zuckerkrieg
Den of Ordure and Iridescence
Moira Scar
Scarred for Life