Aaartfÿstte "22 Short Noise Videos"
RSPT025 DVDr $11.99

Savant-idiot video collaborations from the founding members of Brown Whörnet were never gathered, until now. From unholy rites of gall bladder extraction and enlickment, to awful animation, avian snuff, and film concret, they anticipate tv's Tim and Eric by years. And even if their gut slugging Ruins-esque wretchrock came after Ruins, recreating their 1997 cassette on this DVD with scopitonic oscillators is still way ahead of anything no one still hasn't tried yet. Curious? Uh huh. Stunned to drooling or screaming in painful leaking laughter, you'll want an absorbent bib when you set your head in front of Aaaartfÿstte. Super limited. Four-color silkscreen package by Stin-G with handcarved block-prints-from-video by Lucy Antler.


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Tarantism "Stuck to the Bottom"
RSPT017 CDr $10

Stuck upside-under and dragged bashing through you dunno what... a driftnet of dead kids' braces, the pliant ribbing of freshly pulled larynx, the glassy grit of shredded circuits? The range is astounding, Tarantism's widest soundscape to date. Subaudible voices fold into electroacoustics found hiding in pure sines that crash onto krautbeats. High replay, a different listen every time, the whole onslaught arrives in a triple silk-screen work o' art from Austin's Bearded Lady! Stick this one way in.

Anti-Ear "Tre Picoli"
RSPT004 Mini CDr / DVDr / CDr $10

Master of stage, sound, and screen, pulls out the stops and shoots all over this vinyl seven-inch... no, wait... split open the silkscreened six-panel to find instead the maddest triple mini CD/DVD/CD ever to dance your ceiling! Play all three at once for hexaphonic sound with eyes peeling to patterns of geometry, hunger, wrestling. More big fat sounds than you got skinny ears to hear it up with, but go ahead, slim, try!