0th "Tammy"
RSPT026 CDr $10

Slipping drums collide with mulching bass to yield the perfect fundament for synth-vines to take root as a tornado of violin funnels from the sky. Featuring members of Triangle, Mahjongg, Zeek Sheck, and Bones, 0th send you scampering through soundfields so lush they obliterate light one moment, tickle your face and crack you up laughing the next. This, their debut release, ranges from wagging boogie to savage noise. When delight turns to panic as you realize death by tickling is horrible way to die... use your last laugh to yell, Tammy!

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Zeek Sheck "Joinus"
RSPT045 Double LP+MP3 $29.99     MP3 $12

This release is a 2xLP in gatefold sleeve, download included.

Music to make the body feel wild.

A saga that began four albums and five comic books ago with a fat stub of flesh burrowing beneath the grass to uncover hex givers, beepers, and severed sisters’ heads, draws to its epic finale deep within The Maze: Once a war sanctuary, then a home, now a biomechanized sarcophagus, and the only way out is up.

“The machine stirred, searching for a response. Chairs, table, out of proportion swollen in the dark. The ceiling pressing down. A discontinuous lump of flesh asks, “Who Are You!?”

“Nothing. Complete nothings. An empty space surrounded by an empty space.” He was coming closer to the truth. “That’s right!”

Though this story is crushing, the resulting shards dance, creak and spill into a psychic underground vast enough for cymbal, cello, tuba, storms, timpani, piano, guitar, foghorn, harmonica, double reeds, trumpet, Sylvester Stallone vocals, and synth that makes Pink Floyd blush. Audiophiles will test their high end gear with this album; laughing teenagers will crank it, flying top speed to the ocean.

Zeek Sheck’s sound is singular, unmistakable: sleep talking, skidding drums, 64th note woodwinds at full tilt, cult chorales, resplendent horns, and escape-velocity dance anthems. For such odd music to achieve a maturity is both rare and gorgeous; "Joinus" is spare yet lustrous, by turns mysterious and dangerously riotous. Listeners will scramble to hear the early records all over again.