Schnüffler "Rauschbereich"
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Drawing current and breath through metal... it’s hard to picture just how either is possible, but Schnüffler plumbs the backwaters of both aural miracles in an engrossing, if pageless, storybook entitled "Rauschbereich."

The name of Gino Robair and Liz Allbee's hyper-attuned duo, Schnüffler, is a colloquialism meaning someone who huffs substances. "Huffing" is equal parts curiosity and consuming obsession, and as any huffer knows substance has a way of vanishing. So hork up yours before this handbuilt edition of just 56 copies, end-pages beautifully illustrated by Allbee herself, is gone for good.

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Liz Allbee "Warm Marrow"
RSPT030 Cassette $0

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Warm, fuzzy, rabid in the way a soft muzzle tickles your neck then turns frenetic with the nibbling insistence of long teeth beneath lippy velvet. No one conjures sanguine madness like Liz Allbee on this her long-anticipated solo release.

One side is titled “Outside Inside” the other “Inside Inside”. Drawn from recordings at Marin Headlands Center for the Arts, it includes two entire takes of a single mental composition overlaid to reveal how timing/structure speaks to itself.

The edition is limited by the number of keys on a piano once the instrument has been nibbled apart into pairs of hammers between which are nestled spools of magnetic tape, soft, shiny, ready to slip like warm marrow into your palm.