Nerfbau "Error Swarms"
RSPT038 CD $10

Nerfbau are wrestling foam-choked streams and sunless oil-slicked oceans back into cataracts of blinding consciousness. Theorems are laid forth herein as "Error Swarms” and proofs conducted using custom sequencers, laryngopharynx, reprocessed wind instruments, guitars, sound-object graphical processors and Dow Chemical's styrenefoam modified with Cyanoacrylate.

Upon Nerfbau's first public actions, crowd violence and clawing typically dispersed pustules onto backsides of hairdo’s, lungs, and pleats. Recognizing a porthole window in the ass-to-mouth logic of late capitalism, they have urgently developed a calculus of postindustrial aftermath, an anti-prophylaxis to malleus hybrid technology, directed at generating an endless domino effect of Error Swarms.