Antimatter "Reset"
RSPT041 CD $15

What is the voltage of static electricity that courses over your skin standing each of five million hairs straight on end? Can the answer be derived quantitatively from the waveforms cascading against malleus, anvil and stapes to trigger follicle surge? Or is math itself lost in the abstraction to qualitative, perceptual, and metaphysical sense? Such shortcuts to madness can’t be taken casually. They’re best explored through complexities of minimal materialism, an exquisite example of which appears now before you: vibrating strings, membranes, simple particles of sound sculpted by Antimatter, the solo project of Xopher Davidson.

Obsolete analogue signal generators and processors (e.g. Comdyna GP-6) were used to form clouds of frequencies well below and above the audible range. Davidson spent ten years to build the test circuit used to make this recording. Welcome to a world of abyssal listening.